Monday, January 3, 2011

The Old Kidney Shoppe

I don't know why but Dickens' story titles lend themselves well to inserting the word 'Kidney' in them. Purely coincidence, I assure you.

Well it's been too long since we've had any updates for this blog, which honestly was kind of a mixed blessing. My health was more or less stable for the past 2-3 weeks and aside from a few adjustments to my medications, we thought that maybe things would be going smoothly until we were ready to go through with the transplant. That turned out to be wishful thinking, though.

This week's Monday labs came back with less than stellar results. My Creatinine has risen to 8.8, which is more than 10 times what 'normal' is, and about 5 times higher than normal even for me. In addition my 'Creatinine Clearance' is at around 8. Creatinine Clearance roughly translates to the equivalent percent of kidney function, so that means my body is functioning at roughly 8% of a normal person's kidneys. All this wouldn't be so bad if the symptoms were under control, which they really aren't any more. I get winded walking a few steps, I sleep much more than is normal, I'm fatigued, and I'm losing weight due to lack of any real appetite.

So that means that this week I'm going to go on Dialysis. They want to make sure I'm in the routine and everything is squared away with me so that I can be prepared for next week when it's Liza's turn to be the patient. Her surgery is now only a week away, and I'm going to need to be able to take care of her post-surgery needs and my own dialysis-related health issues. It's going to be a rough couple of weeks, but we have friends and family here to help and we're 'lucky' enough to be very familiar with the hospital that all this will be occurring at.

I'll try to update this again once I know exactly how Dialysis will affect me. I'm hoping I'll ultimately feel better, but everything I've been led to believe about Dialysis has me concerned that it will only make me feel even more tired and run ragged.

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