Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Kidney Carol

Well I'm happy to report that with Christmas coming up neither of us will be spending it in the hospital. Liza's lab results have looked good with no cancer showing, and my symptoms have been under control enough that the doctors feel I can stave off dialysis for at least another week. We're both not feeling fantastically healthy, but all the outpouring of love and support we've received just since starting this blog and opening the fund have lifted our spirits more than anyone can imagine. Everything you've given is greatly appreciated, and because of you we can look forward to the upcoming year with a certain degree of hope and optimism.

We've also received some good news from our financial coordinator, and it looks like Medicare has decided that I can be allowed back into the part B program as soon as the paperwork clears. Presumably this means that the transplant clinic can begin work on finding out which of my potential donors will be the best match. We've already attended both the donor (for Liza) and recipient orientation seminars to get us back up to speed on what the whole process entails. Both orientations basically consist of the same slide show presentation that walks us through the steps of a transplant - from initial contact with the hospital all the way through follow-up care.

Earlier today we met with our financial coordinator again as part of this ongoing process to make sure that we can actually afford to pay for everything. It was a little frightening to see all those costs laid out before us like that again. There's just something about seeing all those numbers stacked up that stresses me out. It's not just the cost either, I think I have an inherent fear of math.

Next on the agenda will be some preliminary meetings with members of the 'Transplant Team', which will likely occur on the 13th of January. This will include meeting with dietitians, nurses, clinic staff, and our surgeon to discuss everything from the technical aspects of the surgery to how follow-up appointments will be scheduled. Its something I'll likely have to attend alone, as it occurs 2 days after Liza's surgery. I guess I'll at least be in the neighborhood!

In any case Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas, and here's hoping for more good news next week!

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